Apple iPad Success : Open Question to CEOs and Board of Directors of Samsung , Google, HP, Dell, Lenovo, Acer , et al

After 15 months and selling 25 million iPads (revealed sales figure by Apple ) I wonder whether people who have criticized iPad are still in denial mode .
The most amazing part is almost every other company is now trying to be a copycat and bringing in tons of new tablets in the market which apple basically created from scratch .

I wonder how can Steve Jobs think of making a product which does not do the following things(1st Gen iPad) :
1. No Camera, that’s right, you can’t take pics and e-mail them.
2. No Web Cam, that’s right, no iChat or Skype Video chatting.
3. No Flash, that’s right, you can’t watch NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX or HULU.
4. No External Ports, such as Volume, Mic, DVI, USB, Firewire, SD card or HDMI
5. No Multitasking, which means only one App can be running at a time.
6. No Software installs except Apps.
7. No SMS, MMS or Phone.
8. Only supports iTunes movies, music and Books, meaning Money, Money, Money for Apple.
9. WAY, WAY, WAY over priced.
10. They will Accessorize you to death if you want to do anything at all with it and you can bet these Accessories will cost $29.99 for each of them.
11. No Full GPS*
12. No Native Widescreen*
13. No 1080P Playback*
14. No File Management*
(Source : )

And the end result of making a product which could not do the above things is- More than $10 billion dollar sales in 15 months with competitors being just flummoxed(in Jobs words) .

So what is it that makes iPad a tremendous success ?? And I wonder why can’t the competitors come up with a really such a innovative product by themselves ??

I mean before iPod the MP3 players were there but just not like iPod. Lots of smartphones were there before iPhone but iPhone really changed the way people thought about phones . Of course AFTER iPhone Android jumped in and now has larger volume market share than iPhone but again Android just copied iPhone and added a lot of other things in it rather than coming up with something unique by its own .

Same thing happened with iPad. iPad sold more than any other tablet ever combined(from the start of time) within 9 months of its launch with most intelligent people and reviewers terming it as a trash .

How is it that with so many things you supposedly cannot do with iPad people are still buying it ?? How is it that one company keeps on coming with amazing products , makes truck loads of money and the others just watch and then start to furiously copy Apple ??

I really ask why ?? I mean we consumers were served with phones before iPhone and Nokia and Blackberry were kings . And of course there was touch screen phones with windows mobile but those just weren’t like iPhone . Who knows had it not been Apple the world might never have had seen such gr88 touch screen technology at all . We may not have had phones like Galaxy S2 or HTC Desire series .

And talking about tablets I cannot believe that no company just ever thought about putting effort for tablets before apple . What are the guys at Microsoft doing ?? Why didn’t they come up with tablet computers which were good enough ??
Apple last quarter has capture 11% of PC market share by volumes of iPad . We are talking about serious money here upwards of $10 Billion a year sales which Apple had and look at the other so called innovative companies what they are doing .

And to top it all the other guys just are NOT able to price their tablets below Apple’s. I mean that’s the way it had always been . Apple’s products were and are always priced way above competitors but here with tablet they are pricing at exactly Apple’s price point . I wonder what will happen to all competitors tablets if Apple decided to get into cutting prices of its tablets by even say 10% . I shudder to think of the consequences to the competitors .

Yesterday Motorola came up with quarterly numbers saying sales of XOOM tablets around 440k which is OK . But alas they didn’t say whether that was actually sold to consumers or most are just lying on the shelves . Apple sold every tablet it could make , period .

Its an open question to the CEOs of following companies
Samsung , Google, Acer , RIM, Windows , Nokia , HP, Dell , Lenovo , Toshiba and lots more which I cannot list here.
1. What were you guys really thinking about tablets before Apple introduced iPad ?

2. Were you guys waiting to see how people respond to Apple’s tablets and let Apple take the risk (of course the reward as well of more than $10 billion sales within a year ) and then decide your strategy ?

3.With iPad in market for more than 15 months not a single tablet is yet seen to be really eating up iPad ? Why ?

4.Except HP why is almost all other guys are depending on Google to provide them the OS ? Dont your engineers can come with a better OS for Tablet ?

5.Does Board of Directors of company ever questioned any of the CEOs on their failure to latch on to tablet market even after 15 months of iPad ? What are the board members doing ??

6.Why is it that every single innovation really big innovation is coming from Apple ?When was last time any single product of any of your company just took the world by storm and created something like $5 billion in sales ??

7.Has anyone been fired/reprimanded/bonuses withheld for failing to capitalize on tablet market in any of the companies ??

8.Are any of the companies actually working on anything new which Apple is NOT working on ?? Can we expect any device in coming 5 years from any company which will blast a trail for others to follow ?

9.Are laptop companies and its board of directors still in denial mode that tablets will not eat up pc/laptop market share by just defending their own strategies ? Do companies realize that every tablet sold is one laptop NOT SOLD ? Or are you people just denying reality by saying that tablet is just another new market category and trying to hide your incompetency by saying that ??

10. When can I expect to see any product where people line up to buy ?? Dont you people feel ashamed even for a second that Apple is somehow able to get almost 100 people min per Apple store to line up to buy its products ?? Do you people just think that hundreds of people who line up to buy Apple products are fools ??

11. All companies are pricing their tablets at exactly or almost same as iPad .Have any of the companies thought of a possibility that tomorrow when you CEOs wake up you get the news that Apple has cut the price of all models of iPad by 15% or 10% ?? What then ?? Fold up the tablet division ??

I know I will never get answers to these questions from top people but so what no harm in just trying to be a feedback giving consumer .

P.S.- I own iPad , love it and I am NOT a Apple fanboy .

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2 thoughts on “Apple iPad Success : Open Question to CEOs and Board of Directors of Samsung , Google, HP, Dell, Lenovo, Acer , et al

  1. Thank God HP realised what all it has been doing and what it needs to do in tablet space . They said “The tablet effect is real ”
    Kudos for HP to learn what it means to be in post pc world and not to try and make another PC on a tablet . Please the CEOs of rest of the companies read this and try to do a better job
    Well I will again put my questions to the rest of the companies who are still trying to be a copy cat of Apple instead of really making a compelling device to beat iPad . Is anybody getting fired in any company because of failure to come up with tablet which could beat iPad ?? If no then I am seeing a future where a lot of other companies just walk away from tablet space like HP did

  2. Updates on tablet competitors– HP Loses $3.3 Billion on webOS Over Past Fiscal Year after dropping price of tablet to $99 for clearing inventory . At least someone did get fired — CEO himself -Leo Apothetker.

    RIM – RIM Says It Will Take a $485 Million Writedown on Heavy Discounts for Its PlayBook Tablets . (In simple english complete disaster and someone should be fired I dont know who ??)

    I am sure the other companies are also just waiting to do what the above companies have done . Just burning cash in a hole called tablet .

    My question is again to all big computer manufacturers– Why the hell can’t you people come with a real profitable and lovable iPad alternative ??

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