Coronavirus and School Opening

There have been so many articles about coronavirus that people have got bored of reading all those things. Epidemiologists has become politicians and politicians have become epidemiologist. But I haven’t read many thought-provoking ideas other than mostly to rhetoric About how or why a parent who can work from home would choose to send their children to school. What are the risks what are the rewards what are the emotions what are the main decision factors which the parents are looking for who can work from home as they have been since March but still, they want to send their children to School when there is no cure no vaccine for coronavirus and the virus is as deadly as ever going into the normal flu season in September October November? If you have a child who is already probably in eighth grade or ninth grade from my viewpoint you must not send the child to school.

But what about those parents’ whose children are below second grade that is their children cannot read or study just by looking into a screen?

What about those parents who has a child not even in school but can go to the daycare. Should the parents send to the daycare ? Why or why not. What are they actually doing? What are the reasons, motivations of the parents for doing what they’re actually choosing to do?

Most economic theories start with this …………Assuming human beings are rational or markets are rational and everything remaining (Ceteris paribus) same here is a theory and this is how the things in real life in economy should work. That is all garbage assumption. Markets are not rational human beings are rational some time while taking a decision but not that rational when taking some other decisions.

A number of times risk and reward or not even thought about what people do take the decision. Think of conquering Mount Everest. A rational person would most probably not want to attempt to do that. The reason is pretty simple the risk is death or some bad frostbite from which you might have to amputate a part of your body. The reward well is a lot mental. In fact, if I ask you to name a person who conquered Mount Everest and he was not the first person can you even remember who did it? Let’s say you remember a name now please remember a name from another country from where you are born or who was not the first woman Mount Everest climber, I bet you don’t even know that. You can do a Google search of how many people have been killed while trying to Mount Everest and of course the innumerable people dead without actually attempting Mount Everest because you don’t just wake up one day and go to the base camp of Mount Everest. You have to 1st conquer a lot of tall mountains dangerous mountains before you can even think of actually going up above to conquer Mount Everest. An economist or a person who likes probabilities would say the risk versus reward doesn’t add up but people still do it 100 years 1000 years from now because contrary to the popular opinion being taught in the business schools (finance lectures) people are not rational all the time.

Risk and Reward of Sending Children to School

People have got a very hard time thinking in terms of probability. In terms of risk versus reward. Think about it for a second let’s say you are a parent who has a five-year-old child and both the husband and the spouse can work from home and they have been doing the same since March 2020. Now comes September 1st week or next chance to choose online Vs actual Class when the schools are going to open.

What is the risk of sending your child to school and what is the reward which you will get because you sent the child to the school?

Risk is pretty simple, I guess. Child may not get serious from Covid. But you may die. After that your child will have much bigger problems than the problems you are imagining currently which child is supposed to face!

Probable Rewards

Child May Not Get “AHEAD” in life

If you think your child will not “get ahead” in life because they had 9-11 months of online education when they were 5—- then let me ask you a question-

What if I gave you 1 more year in your life? Where will you be? Would you be having tremendous success (however you define it– money, happiness, career, growth,)?? Is 1 year more exactly what has been holding you back since your birth?

Or in reality 1 more year of life really speaking doesn’t matter? Whatever negative things you have in your life is NOT because there was 1 year you want. It’s because of YOUR effort which you have not yet given. Don’t blame a lack of so called 1 year. Hence by that logic if your child at 5-7 years of age is missing out on 1 year of life from the miraculous in person classroom teaching then its fine. Chill. Life is really a marathon.

Child May miss being social and miss friends

Is that the reward for which you can risk your life? How about not being a weekend parent? You used to drop child at 7 or 7.30 after seeing him for just 30 min in morning. Pick up at 6 PM. Rush back home, ask customary questions how was your day –etc. Then force feed a quickly made dinner so child can sleep before 8 PM.

Really speaking other than weekend when you have to do all groceries and million other things.

I think now every day you can be with your child and that is precious. You will never have this much amount of time together from now on.

Any other Excuse?? Is not worth your life risk.

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