Biggest Learning About Food From Dilbert Maker

The book by Scott Adams how to fillet almost everything and still win is a brilliant book in a lot of aspects and it’s a must read for literally anybody who is not a billionaire yet.

One of the most important learnings I have from that book is related to food which I have been eating for all my life close to 35+ years. this is not a diet book it’s just a general compilation of how the author has gone through life and learned how to change it for the better.

He emphasizes that you should track your problem-solving ability and your body energy level to what you just recently had as a food. For almost everyone I know and at least for myself answer has been – what ? Food is related to Mood? We just think our mood is caused by what is happening in our life our boss or why something is wrong in America maybe even if I don’t live in America. We never attribute our mood to food.

Stop right now check how you’re feeling and make a mental note of what you just ate?

Don’t take anybody’s word for it – even afternoon sleepiness is not really because you just had a meal and you are primed for sleep. What you had for the meal has more capability to impact your energy and your laziness and your sleepiness than just the clock which hit 2 PM or 3 PM.

Experiment: for breakfast go and order pancakes and hashbrowns potatoes and check if you are able to be awake until after lunchtime. I’ll tell you it will not be easy. if you think the heaviness is because you eat more then you are only partially correct. Repeat the experiment but next time in the breakfast or in the lunch eat a combination of fruits veggies nuts salad fish or chicken. Now check after a few hours how do you feel.

The above paragraph has literally changed my life. It’s unbelievably feel good and good mood factor. Just shift away from fast burning carbohydrates to fruits veggies nice nuts salad fish or chicken and then you will have energy in your body which you probably felt only when you were below 20 years of age. And if you are able to do this for all the three basic meals of the day you will have a literal 16 hour energy in your body and you will not even know why your mood is so good.

Use the white rice as a sleeping pill. Of course figure out yourself what is working for you which food is making energetic and which one is making sleepy-avoid the bad increase the good and you will transform your life in the most spectacular fashion. Probably you’re locked down in your home and you have more control over the food you can eat.

That’s it try one day. You can thank me for reading the best food hack ever to transform your life.

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