Charlie Munger and Robinhood — 97 years and still going

This is the video where Charlie Munger on RobinHood and sees that the retail people have been lured into free trading thinking they are investing. but this is a sign of financial excess.

I am a fan of Charlie Munger of course because of his intellect and results good used over 40 years of different market conditions.

But today I suddenly realized I should become his even stronger fan because the person is performing what it does best at 97 years. 97 freaking years of age.

I mean I Will be 97 years of age in 2077. Holy Molly. if at that time I am alive which I hope so I should be doing something productive with my life.

We should really learn from Charlie Munger how to be healthy at 97 years of age. Seriously like all of his physical abilities seem to be pretty OK at 97 years of age. I see people at 44 years of age burnt out and look like they literally don’t want to live. how on earth is that person still performing at 97 years of age and is doing what he loves doing not because of money but because of the love of the work which does.

I hope I find out what I want to do for the next 57 years of my life sooner than later. And as a reader of the block you should to aim to be at 97 years of age and do what you love to do and perform and schedule your days accordingly it’s a long journey.

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