Hi I am Amit Kumar who is a typical Engg +MBA (NMIMS) in India which supposedly assures good job prospects.

My official work is Business Analyst in an IT Firm (Subsidiary of Big Bank of US-I know that kind of job description in IT firm is really a joke ) .

My REAL work is also Business Analysis in a way like Buffet or Ben Graham would do. I admire the work of Howard Marks (Oaktree Capital and his e-book being my first purchase on Amazon ) ,Kyle Bass, David Einhorn , Jim Rogers , Steve Jobs and Bill Gates apart from the other two mentioned earlier .

Michael Lewis is my Fav author and http://www.zerohedge.com/ is my favorite website.

One of the prime reasons I want to be rich is to be able to buy all Apple Products without taking a Bank Loan.

I hate ppt ,PDFs and excels where the graphs/projections go straight up year after year and everything depends on continuous prosperity.

P.S.- I have an iPad and Boy I Love it J


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