Critique of Daniel Kahneman – Decision Making Theories

That’s a very bad heading but I could not think of anything else . What is evil — “ Evil is Knowing Better but doing worse “ Mr. Daniel Kahneman(the nobel winner) is one the most amazing   thinkers of modern era who has just completely changed the way we look at the world and theContinue reading “Critique of Daniel Kahneman – Decision Making Theories”

Would you invest in this Company ?? (Indian Bankers love it)

Here is a tricky and tough(if you can call it with these terms) question for you regarding investing in a particular stock –Will you invest your money to buy stocks of a company whose performance summary is following : Talking about consistency it has made consistent losses(Negative Net Profit) for last 7 years with lossesContinue reading “Would you invest in this Company ?? (Indian Bankers love it)”

The Lehman Brothers Board Composition

Came across this amazing article . I cannot believe who were board members of Lehman Brothers in 2006-07 The Financial Zoo: An Interview with Satyajit Das – Part I Kaufman later joined the board of Lehman Brothers. Nine out of ten members of the Lehman board were retired, four were 75 years or more inContinue reading “The Lehman Brothers Board Composition”